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✅ Top 3 mistakes that keep new Etsy & print on demand sellers stuck at 0 sales
✅ Learn Heather's six strategies to 6 figures that multiple 6 figure Etsy stores have used
✅ How to turn visitors into paying customers
​​​​​​​✅ How to start 2023 right with the frameworks to get sales consistently

This masterclass will be hosted on a monthly basis, watch for exclusive deals and freebies to help your business grow! Grab your seat below.

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This is my masterclass course with 50+ training videos to teach you how to scale your Etsy + POD store to 5 to 6 figures. Only a limited amount of seats available due to I give LIVE small group monthly trainings where we have specialized workshops, POD tips and live Q&As to answer questions or help with common problems you may experience with Etsy + POD.

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Etsy + POD is the formula to a successful online business.

In 2021 I decided to take a leap of faith in my own online business. The great part of POD is you don't have ANY overhead, no inventory, so my leap of faith was just believing in myself and spending $20 to create something of my own. $20 turned my store into 250K in revenue within 1 year. Don't miss out on taking a leap of faith with this business model and if you want tips & tricks, check out my Print on Demand Academy, The Niche Playbook(my students FAVORITE), Etsy Blueprint or T-shirt Design 101 Workshop. 


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